Create Gable Wall Rectangular Attic Vent


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RE: Home Designer Architecture 2019; 

       Build 20.3.0 54x64; May 13, 2018 

       Dell i5, 256MB memory


I need a rectangular attic vent for a gable wall  Library has only triangular attic vents.  Searched but can't find additional library catalogue with vents.  Any ideas?


Chris Scott

Sonoma, CA


Garage Gable.JPG

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3 hours ago, solver said:

I see you have upgraded -- Please update your Signature.


I'm impertinent I've been told.  I think you should smile more.  Looks more like Assistant Principal Mr Fyre staring down Ferris Bueller.  B)


Signature? I'm only a dog as you can see from my picture so I only have 4 toes and no thumb.   For want of a thumb I could move the world. :rolleyes:

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