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  1. s2sonoma3

    Create Gable Wall Rectangular Attic Vent

    I'm impertinent I've been told. I think you should smile more. Looks more like Assistant Principal Mr Fyre staring down Ferris Bueller. Signature? I'm only a dog as you can see from my picture so I only have 4 toes and no thumb. For want of a thumb I could move the world.
  2. s2sonoma3

    Create Gable Wall Rectangular Attic Vent

    David, I thought I did that to start with but missed something. Thanks Chris
  3. s2sonoma3

    Create Gable Wall Rectangular Attic Vent

    RE: Home Designer Architecture 2019; Build 20.3.0 54x64; May 13, 2018 Dell i5, 256MB memory I need a rectangular attic vent for a gable wall Library has only triangular attic vents. Searched but can't find additional library catalogue with vents. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris Scott Sonoma, CA
  4. s2sonoma3

    Plan furniture does not appear in any 3D view

    Thanks that worked. Now I know this may/will be dismissed as confusion or I really didn't realize what I was doing nevertheless...this is the first time in 4 years with HDA that I've used the method you described. Over that time I have only accessed enable/disable layer display has been via the Tools drop down menu Display Options. This has, up until last week, worked each and every time including with thee display of furniture; worked in the sense enabling display of furniture displayed furniture in both 2D Plan view and 3D Doll House, Full Camera, etc. If the HDA manual described the method you did as the "proper method" well I never read the manual or used it for reference. Not that I don't like manuals for some they're useful. And I've had very few times having the need to come to this or any other forum, and I'm not by any means laying claim to super geek. My previous CAD experience was with AutoCad for few years 2000. Then it was the first purpose as now, I'm building new home and I needed a faster tool than a draftsman hand drawing who could not make changes anywhere near fast enough. He was my incredibly great General Contractor's draftsman he worked with for years. His work was amazingly beautiful but had all the disadvantages of hand drawing vs CAD. I ha never used any CAD up to that point but I'm a geek and jumping in with both feet where you've never been is typical. I've tried a few CAD Software and found they pretty much every Arch CAD software, and I think CAD in general works basically the same way with only minor changes. In 2000 I drew the entire set of building plans that went through permits and built the house. Believe me it was not a simple house having girder or beam under nearly every wall. This time I used HD as an epident tool to do a floor plan and used 3D and elevations for visualization only. This enabled me to effectively work out things like spacing. Then turn the plan over to a professional plans drawing draftsman for a full set of drawings to meet county requirements and approval. We live in Northern California and if you've never dealt with California building codes you have no idea whatsoever how many codes requirements and detail are required in construction of any building. It's earthquake country and buildings are supposed to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. All of which drives up building costs but is meant to save lives, and property. And it does as proven by CA's most recent earthquake the town where the quake was near center there was limited damage and the houses that were all of recent, last 30 years requiring more demanding codes construction. So with all that I'm glad your fix worked vs my previous method, why remains mystery. I might add that my method still works for any other layer I'm interacting with, at least on the half dozen or so major layers I tried with this event and the subject shows up in all 2D and 3D views. As I wrote thank you for your help. (I apologize if there might be a few disjointed sentences. I think faster than I type.)
  5. s2sonoma3

    Plan furniture does not appear in any 3D view

    I agree what layer and is the layer enabled should be checked first. As I wrote, the furniture, all 21 pieces, are on the Furniture Interior layer. If the Furniture Interior layer is display enable the furniture displays as normal in Plan View. With the Furniture Interior display still enabled (checked) selecting any 3D view, i.e. Doll House, furniture does not display in any of the 3 3d views. I attached a plan copy with the bug. Check it out. Thanks, appreciate your feedback. Chris
  6. RE: Home Designer Architecture 2019; Build 20.3.0 54x64; May 31, 2018 Dell i5, 256MB memory Having found no category that seems to fit I post this here. If it should be posted somewhere else please advise. In Tools Furniture Internal & External is selected. In plan view furniture does display. Deselect Furniture layers (Ext & Int), in plan view furniture is not displayed. With Tools Furniture Internal & External is selected in any 3D view (Full Camera; Doll House, Perspective Full Overview) no furniture displays. This is happening not only to my current working plan but to previous plans where everything was working normally. This just started misbehaving about a week ago. Prior to that everything was normal. Of course I didn't change anything.(?) I've tried multiple things with no success. Attached a plan file that has this problem. Help appreciated. Thank you. Scott__8-15-2019_-_Floor_Plan_with_Bug_(4A).plan
  7. s2sonoma3

    Decapitated Roof - A Different Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Jo_Ann; Thank you so much. Took a couple tries then presto! Big help. We might get to live in this thing next year after all because of you.
  8. HDS 2018; Build;; May 9, 2017 Windows 10 Hi, I'm trying to build a 2 pitch (combination) roof (see attached photo.) Thought I had it as I got there with one error. When I tried to correct it the gable portion of the roof disappeared. Now my house is roofless. My head is flat from banging it against the wall. Probably my own worst enemy to fix this. Attached files of the plan and camera views of the problem. And a roof example photo. Please help. I'm weeks behind schedule and the pressure may be what flattened the gable roof. Thank you for your help. Chris Scott Sonoma, CA (safe from wildfires) Decapitated_Roof_Floor_Plan.plan Decapitated 2nd floor.pdf Decapitated Roof.pdf
  9. s2sonoma3

    What are the red lines? (HDS 2018)

    If that image is of my design with your modifications to the kitchen, it sucks. Too much with a small space. More is not better in less. This is art, it's personal. Actually I think the red lines disappeared when the file was closed. Afraid I'll have to rescind the great and wise, and just stick with Solver.
  10. s2sonoma3

    What are the red lines? (HDS 2018)

    Oh great and wise Solver. Thanks, that was great. Whatever you did it worked. No more red lines.
  11. s2sonoma3

    What are the red lines? (HDS 2018)

    Parallel red lines along the perimeter of the house. What are they & how to get rid of them. Forum Post.plan
  12. s2sonoma3

    how to add a shed roof over porch on gable end wall

    I was able to add get a shed roof above the porch. However, it's a little high. Roof over Porch is selected Porch ends; both full gable wall selected Porch right railing High Shed / Gable Walligh selected Gable over door; roof over door not selected Notice: Ridge of gable above french door is not above door center; ridge is above left door frame. H Dr 17 - K - 2xx.plan
  13. How do I add a shed roof over the front porch on a gable end wall. 4 Square columns, no railing, plate height 9'. I used railing to define a room, PORCH. Specs and details on image. HDS 2017 PS: How do I get rid of the mini gable on left side - it's not supposed to be there. As far as I know I did nothing intentional to add it and I don't want it. But HDS will not listen to me. :-( Thanks, Chris