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I'm modeling a split level home in Home Designer Pro 2020.  You enter the house onto a stair landing ("Entry Level") and then go down 3 steps to the "Main Level" or up about 13 steps to Level 2.  The floor that actually exists at the entry level is limited to the stair landing itself.  The rest of that level is designated as "open to below", which is how various tutorials said to set up a split level home.  


Since the main floor is just a couple feet down, most of the walls in the various rooms start at the floor of the Main level, extend up thru the Entry level, and end at the bottom side of Level 2. 


The elevation views I've created are only showing one portion of these walls. Depending on which floor I create the elevation on, they show the couple foot tall part of the wall at the main level or the taller part of the wall associated with the entry level.  I've attached a view of the kitchen wall elevation (elevation camera was placed on the Entry level floor plan).  Other walls without cabinetry look similar.  Is there a way to extend the elevation view "vertically" to show the full height of this wall?  If not, what would be a good workaround to seamlessly show the full elevation on a drawing?  



kitchen elevation.JPG


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You can probably use a regular elevation camera. Are you sending the elevation to Layout? You can crop the view there if so.


I would model your house differently. Using 2 floors, with the entry on the first floor and its floor raised. No need for any Open Below spaces to fill in a vertical gap.

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Thanks, Eric.  I'll consider revising the setup to two levels.  Sounds like a good approach but I wonder if it's more effort than it's worth at this point.  However, the two stories have certainly been a pain to work with to get things to show up on a single plan.


I just tried the regular elevation/section tool.  Somehow, I had missed that tool... (very new to the software).  It works well and I quickly got a pretty good elevation with a little cropping.  Would like to see the black "border" around the room but I can figure that out.  


new elevation.JPG

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