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Chen 12,


10 hours ago, Chen12 said:

Can I add manual dimensions direct to a layout/ construction drawing independent of the dimensions in the plan?



In a word "NO" because of a matter of "Scale". Objects in any plan view are displayed at "Real World" scale or one foot equals one foot, whereas the entire purpose of a ".layout" file is so you can scale down your real-world size construct to share with others printed to paper or as a PDF. In order to fit a large structure to fit on a relatively small piece of paper you have to use scaling (1" = 10', 1/4" = 1', 1/8" = 1' etc.). The dimensions in plan view are "real world" scale, the dimensions created on a layout file are whatever scale you have chosen and they will not match if you do as you are asking about.


10 hours ago, Chen12 said:

How to delete dimensions in the layout/ construction drawing (independent to plan)? 


The way Home Designer Pro is programmed to work and be used is to make the display of your structure correct in plan view before sending a view of it to layout. You can alter, edit and display or not display dimensions as you choose while in Plan View before sending to layout. Any dimensions you might draw on the layout view will NOT be scaled properly and would be a waste of anyone's time.


Please watch this Tutorial Video produced by Home Designer on how to use the dimension tools:



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