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  1. Home Designer Pro 2020 Can I add manual dimensions direct to a layout/ construction drawing independent of the dimensions in the plan? How to delete dimensions in the layout/ construction drawing (independent to plan)?
  2. Home Designer Pro 2020 I have a problem with Standard (and watercolor) view (see attachment). What can I do? Thanks.
  3. Chen12

    Find my old topics

    ...I found my old topics. Problem solved. Thanks.
  4. Chen12

    Find my old topics

    How can I find my old topics in the forum that I wrote 1 or 2 years ago? Thanks.
  5. Chen12

    Two story deck

    Hi, For a two story deck I draw one deck over the other but the posts disappear (see image). How can I change the length of the post so that they go through the lower deck reaching the upper deck? Or what is the best way to draw a two story deck?
  6. Thank you very much also for your time. Good to have you in this forum!! Please, how could I give this deck Auto Dimensions? When I click in a room I get the option e.g. Auto Interior Dimension. When I'm in 1st floor I can also click in the deck area and get the option: Auto Interior Dimension. But when I move to floor 0 then I can't activate the deck area and so I don't have the option Auto Interior Dimension. How can I give it automatic dimensions?
  7. Hi, sorry when I ask here more or less the same once again but it is really urgent: How can I make a construction drawing parallel to the default (I think default is the floor plan). I can create the floor plan of my deck. OK. But below the floor are e.g. posts and concrete footer. When I go one floor deeper the whole deck disappears including post and footer. How can I make a construction drawing parallel to the default ??? I found a video tutorial: and in 1:38 minutes they switch from floor 1 to floor 0 and as you can see in the attached image the post, footer, beams are visible Does it work only in Chief Architect. Is this a limitation of Home Designer Pro 2019 (Trail)??? What do I do wrong??
  8. That's for horizontal and vertical Drawings. Thank you! For my deck I get a horizontal floor plan in the height of the decking. OK. But there are also below the decking e.g.posts and concrete footer. When I switch one floor deeper they disappear. How can I get these post and footers on a drawing? Thanks for your help.
  9. That's easy! Click on one dimension and push the delete button. Thank you!!
  10. Hi, how can I delete a dimension one by one. Not with Display Options or Delete Objects that's more or less all or nothing. Or not? E.G. in a floor plan one dimension of a window or wall. Thanks
  11. Hi, What I need is a herringbone pattern with a plank in the middle (please see attached image). With help of: I get the herringbone pattern but, please, how can I get the plank in the middle? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, now I have Home Designer Pro Trail and can make construction drawings with NEW LAYOUT and SEND TO LAYOUT. But only horizontal on floor plan level. 1) How can I make vertical construction drawings (parallel to the walls)? 2) How can I move the horizontal construction drawing position up or down? Thanks.
  13. Hi, Can I add to a deck construction model e.g. joist hanger?
  14. Chen12

    Technical Drawings

    Thanks for your answer. Yes. I mean Construction Drawings. Can I do with Home Designer Pro also a construction drawing of a deck (posts, footer, railing, stairs)? Sorry for the question but with my Home Designer Architectural version It creates in 2D dimensions (not construction drawings) for walls, windows etc. but for a deck it's once again very limited.
  15. Chen12

    Technical Drawings

    Hi, how can I create technical drawings? Which program/version allows me to do technical drawings? My older version of Home Designer Architectural 2016 I think it doesn't have this feature (beside a lot of other limitations).