Vale - 'Print Model' feature.

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I recently upgraded from HDPro 2018 - to the current version 2020.

All good - some great new bells and whistles. I like it allot.

However, I notice that the great feature under Print - 'Print Model' has been removed.

I queried this with 'support' and they confirmed it was dropped a while back.

Well as I have jumped 2 versions - and it is in HDPro 2018 - I guess it happened in 2019?


I am disappointed to  see this clever devise print option disappear.

Not everyone can step into stl files and a 3D printer as the alternative - it seems.

Under tools - I see 'Loan Calculator' - and 'Reverse Plan' remain in 2020.

Well all I can say is  if someone can't use a calculator on a loan summary and can't learn how to mirror a plan manually  instead of using these two features- 

then I am really surprised. These are surely two redundant tools?

Could I suggest trading these two rather simple 'Tools' - for a return of Print Model please kind sirs?

Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for the feedback about the print model feature.  This feature was removed in the Home Designer 2020 version.


I will submit your request about the print model feature as well as your feedback about the Loan Calculator and Reverse Plan features.


Kind regards,


Derek Pedersen

Chief Architect Software

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Duplex does not necessarily follow any rule regarding one plan being a mirror of the other; solar access is not guaranteed to be beneficial to both occupancys thru simple mirroring of a shared neighbouring layout; further, thinking outside the box is a better approach in my opinion rather than assuming plans in a duplex are a mirrored copy of each other automatically. Mirroring of objects etc is already available without a dedicated reverse plan tool. Bring back print model. 

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Hi all


I too am disappointed with the removal of the 3d printable model feature.


We have printed numerous models this way for demonstrations. We even printed on transparency stock and then assembled the model for a glass house view.


Very sad.


Still loving everything else !

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Well this pretty much ensures I will NOT be upgrading to the 2020 version. No Print Model, then no thanks. I'm using Architect 2014 now. I could upgrade to something newer, but apparently no newer than 2018. I have a couple of years to go before I can build my home, and I'm going to need models I can build to compare and show the hubby. 


:( Very sad to hear this. This was one of the best benefits of HDA. 

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