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I am trying to build a story and a half home with bedrooms and such on the upper floor . Built the lower walls no problem 9' ceilings then did the roof plains 8/12 pitch that worked well but ended up with no floor for the upper bedrooms so I drew in 2 1/2" I-Joist above but still no floor and it looks like all the doors and interior walls are building off the lower ceiling drywall .  Help , What did I do wrong ?

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8 minutes ago, Fredo649 said:

If I build a second floor it puts in  8' walls, how do I get around that ?


That's the default. When you build the 2nd floor, you have the ability to make the ceiling height (and wall height) whatever you want.


Using auto built roofs, you will need to turn them off and raise the ceiling height.


You can build the roof and set Ignore Top Floor.


It depends on how the home will be built. Will the roof sit on the 1st floor walls or on the 2nd floor deck?


Just think about how the program works and how and where it builds roof planes.


Also, search the Home Designer website for Cape Cod.



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