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My plan is pretty much complete and I'm creating layouts now for the builder to show wall elevations with door/window locations and their rough opening sizes.  I've created one for each exterior wall and saved them using "Save Active Camera". I've also created a "blueprint" layout template that I "send to layout" for each so I can print them as .pdf's and hard copies. However, I can't seem to retrieve the various "saved" views. The user manual and online Help state:


"Activating Saved Views
There are three ways to open a saved 3D view:
• Select the camera symbol in floor plan view and click the Open View  edit button.
• Double-click the camera symbol using the Select Objects  tool.
• Right-click on it and select Open View from the contextual menu."


None of the above work for me in Pro 2017. 

Using the first option, I select the Cross Section Elevation camera, point it at an exterior wall in Floor Plan view. When I click the camera symbol once, I see the Open View edit button at the bottom of the screen and, when I click it, it brings up the active view, it does not give me the option to select any saved views for that camera (for which I have several with different names).


Using the second option, double clicking the camera symbol also just opens the active view.


Using the third option yields the same result: Active View.


I'm assuming the "contextual menu" for the camera is the one that appears when you select the type of camera from the toolbar at the top of the screen. There is no Open View option there.


Also, when I click on the "Open Object" symbol at the bottom of the screen after selecting the camera symbol, I get the Cross Section/Elevation Camera Specification dialog which gives the option to save the view with a Name and a check box that says "Saved" after I've saved it. It even allows me to Name the view with a name I've previously used, which doesn't seem right. I would think it would say that View Name exists already. 

Bottom line is that I can't seem to reopen any Saved Views. I've looked through Q & A, tutorials and the forum but am frustrated that I can't use the Saved views feature as described. What am I missing?


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