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    Saved Views

    My plan is pretty much complete and I'm creating layouts now for the builder to show wall elevations with door/window locations and their rough opening sizes. I've created one for each exterior wall and saved them using "Save Active Camera". I've also created a "blueprint" layout template that I "send to layout" for each so I can print them as .pdf's and hard copies. However, I can't seem to retrieve the various "saved" views. The user manual and online Help state: "Activating Saved Views There are three ways to open a saved 3D view: • Select the camera symbol in floor plan view and click the Open View edit button. • Double-click the camera symbol using the Select Objects tool. • Right-click on it and select Open View from the contextual menu." None of the above work for me in Pro 2017. Using the first option, I select the Cross Section Elevation camera, point it at an exterior wall in Floor Plan view. When I click the camera symbol once, I see the Open View edit button at the bottom of the screen and, when I click it, it brings up the active view, it does not give me the option to select any saved views for that camera (for which I have several with different names). Using the second option, double clicking the camera symbol also just opens the active view. Using the third option yields the same result: Active View. I'm assuming the "contextual menu" for the camera is the one that appears when you select the type of camera from the toolbar at the top of the screen. There is no Open View option there. Also, when I click on the "Open Object" symbol at the bottom of the screen after selecting the camera symbol, I get the Cross Section/Elevation Camera Specification dialog which gives the option to save the view with a Name and a check box that says "Saved" after I've saved it. It even allows me to Name the view with a name I've previously used, which doesn't seem right. I would think it would say that View Name exists already. Bottom line is that I can't seem to reopen any Saved Views. I've looked through Q & A, tutorials and the forum but am frustrated that I can't use the Saved views feature as described. What am I missing?
  2. jml755

    Material List - Wall Covering calculation issues?

    Eric, thx for the reply. Sorry about the "readability". Agree 100%. I was in "want to go to bed mode" when I wrote that. LOL. I'm having a contractor rough it and I'm providing the materials. I'm just going to have to export the list to an .xls and go through it item by item manually comparing it to counts from the floor plan. I.e. do it "old school" Re the material list wall issue, I was thinking that maybe because the program doesn't know which room a wall is associated with, it doesn't include "common" walls in a material list calculation for a room. So I built a short interior wall totally inside a closet, rebuilt walls,floors ceiling and it didn't include any materials for that wall, no studs, no drywall when I used the "calculate material list for a room". Curious, though, why it always includes the Terrain Landscaping in EVERY material list I do for a room. There's probably a "check box" somewhere that needs to be unchecked. LOL.
  3. jml755

    Material List - Wall Covering calculation issues?

    I too am struggling with material lists, especially with drywall calculations. The drywall calculations for the plan did not seem close to being accurate, so I started looking at individual walls and rooms. I have done a lot of testing on a single room with room material lists, changing the ceiling and wall materials to see how that affects the material list. It does seem that I now have the ceilings calculating ok. Apparently the issue was with Defaults. The walls are a different story. For instance, I have been working with a 10x6 closet and with different materials to see which ones actually end up in the material list. It appears that the ceiling of ~60 sq ft will take 2 4x8 sheets (64 sq ft). However the walls will definitely take more than 2 sheets as indicated on the material list. I'm suspicious that the wall material doesn't appear in a room material list if it spans more than that one room. I'm working with HD Pro 2017. I have checked the material specs for both the interior walls and exterior walls to make sure that drywall is the selected material. My plan is pretty much complete and I am working with contractors for quotations. It's frustrating that I can't trust the material list and will be hand checking every component. I also don't understand why Landscaping items appear in a Material List for a ROOM!??! I suppose there is a reason but it doesn't make sense. It's taken me a lot of hours to understand the nuances of this program. It's fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it, but I still scratch my head a lot trying to figure out how to do things.. For instance, I'm using Cultured Stone for part of the exterior facade. Who would have thought that you use a Soffit (under Cabinet) to build an external wall covering? It works ok but took me a LONG time to find that (can't remember, either a tutorial video or forum post). Dormers are not easy to build. I'm using attic trusses and kept getting an error about "no ceiling under the middle of the truss". I fixed that by eliminating a wall that was separating 2 rooms under the truss. Then I was able to replicate the attic truss across the plan, even over the top of rooms that DID have a wall between them. Screwy stuff like that. I can't tell you how many plans were ruined by me making small changes and having the roof then go beserk with crazy angles all over the place. If I'm venturing into "new territory" in HD, I now save the plan, make changes and create a new version so I can go back to a checkpoint of sorts without losing a lot of work. (okay, that was me just venting). Hope someone can enlighten me on this material list issue. .