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  1. johnnydp

    Material List Components Re-appearing

    After drawing exterior walls in my small plan, I edited the components to remove the batt insulation from the Wall Type dialog and then specified rigid foam boards. Now when I create a new materials list, the foam board appears on my materials list, but also the batt insulation is still showing up in the list. I have searched everywhere in the floor plan and can't find any trace of batt insulation. Why is the batt insulation still appearing as before in the newly created material list?
  2. johnnydp

    User Defined Defaults For Wall Types

    Hello! I am a Home Designer Pro user and have maneuvered my way through the basics of this program (though Roof computer construction stills alludes me). My question today is how can I save a customized wall specification as a default template to use later in other plans? I laboriously defined several wall specifications ( Wall Types) in one plan, hoping to use them in future plans. However, when I open the Wall Type window to the Drop Down list, my previous wall type saves from the previous plan were not listed. Is there a way to Save this work globally to use it in other plans when needed? Thanks.