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  1. Thank you Sir for your reply. I will try your suggestion. However, I am disappointed that I can't feel confident in the program's ability to generate a fairly reliable materials list - even for a small room. It's issues like this (as well as others) that have caused me to hesitate, when I have entertained thoughts to upgrade to Chief Architect. Also, I will work to upgrade my signature block per your suggestion.
  2. I was researching HomeTalk and came across a 2019 thread regarding similar issues that I am having. I am a Home Designer Pro 2022 user. I am too having difficulty building a room material list, especially regarding drywall. I gather a lot of useful information from Solver replies. Here is a response that you gave to a commenter: Materials List calculated from a room is created for only the contents of that room: wall materials are not included. An object will be counted in the Materials List if its center point is located inside of the room How then please tell, do I get the program to calculate all the components of a selected room?
  3. After drawing exterior walls in my small plan, I edited the components to remove the batt insulation from the Wall Type dialog and then specified rigid foam boards. Now when I create a new materials list, the foam board appears on my materials list, but also the batt insulation is still showing up in the list. I have searched everywhere in the floor plan and can't find any trace of batt insulation. Why is the batt insulation still appearing as before in the newly created material list?
  4. Hello! I am a Home Designer Pro user and have maneuvered my way through the basics of this program (though Roof computer construction stills alludes me). My question today is how can I save a customized wall specification as a default template to use later in other plans? I laboriously defined several wall specifications ( Wall Types) in one plan, hoping to use them in future plans. However, when I open the Wall Type window to the Drop Down list, my previous wall type saves from the previous plan were not listed. Is there a way to Save this work globally to use it in other plans when needed? Thanks.