Wall break not working?

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I am trying to put tile in a corner of a bathroom to use as a tiled shower wall. But for some reason the break wall tool won't work. It worked in past versions where I could measure from the corner and break the wall where I wanted to separate tile from paint. I could also put back splashes up in the kitchen on certain parts of the wall while keeping the paint on the rest the color of the room. Is there an issue with it or has a tool changed. I am creating a timber frame home bathroom an I want to create a tile shower that is 6' tall and above the tile, I'd like to keep the white paint until it gets to the timber.


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Can't help with the wall breaks, but know of no reports of them not working.


Best way to tile a wall is with the Custom Backsplash tool.


If you are using a Wall Covering to apply paint to the wall, the Custom Backsplash will not work. You will need to remove it and paint the wall with the Eyedropper.

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