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Hey All, 


I just upgraded to HD Pro 2020, I had switched over and was just using Sketchup with the podium render add on to get realistic rendering. While I got use to it, I just wasn't comfortable with it like I was with HD Pro. And seeing since I couldn't afford the $2,400 price with the upgrade discount, I got Sketchup Pro. Still much cheaper. 


Just happened to stumble on the 2020 version of HD Pro and seen it exported in Collada (.dae file), it got me excited and I upgraded.


I am able to export the Collada file to Sketchup and render really nicely. See attached image, however when I add the island, it quits importing into sketchup and I get a import failure due to size of the file.


I can't afford Premier and have to stick with HD Pro, so my question is, does anyone export to a standalone rendering engine like Maxwell Renderer? It's nearly $600 but still much cheaper than Premier. And will hold me over until, I can afford Chief Premier.


Any ideas on file size, or how to export differently? Or what rendering engine are you using?



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1 hour ago, solver said:

Have you looked at the new Physically Based Rendering (PBR) available in Pro 2020?

I have but it's nowhere near the quality of the picture I posted above. That was all done in HD Pro and exported to Sketchup.


Unless I'm doing something totally wrong the renders with PBR are on only slightly better than they were with HD Pro 2018. Maybe I'm not doing it right??

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I've gotten some great renders with PBR in 2020, so I documented the various default settings I changed to achieve my results. Hopefully one of these settings may help others who come across this thread.


Please see this post for details:




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