Double Stud Exterior Wall


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Using HD Pro 2012.


I can create a double stud exterior wall and create a plan just fine; two 2x4 walls with 1" space between.


I then add a conventional 2x6 stud wall for the attached garage.  


The corners of the two dissimiliar walls don't wan't to line up.  Also, the interior dimensions dimension to the "Main Layer" which is the outermost 2 x4 wall which does not create accurate interior measurements.


Any ideas how to get everything to line up?

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Did you draw the double wall as two separate walls , or did you define a new wall type with the 2 framing layers ?


HD uses the "Main Layer" to control / define a number of things like how/where walls join , so in this case it may be easier to define the Exterior wall studs as 8" instead of a 3 1/2" 2x4   (3.5" +3.5"+1" gap=8" total)  so everything joins and dimensions easily.





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