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  1. Re-starting this topic as I'm hoping somebody can clarify. I began drawing my floor plan; however I didn't think to orient the house on my screen to North. IOW, I drew my plan and have completed most all work so far with the top of the screen being South. I won't be needing the cartesian coordinates features for anything really; i.e. sun angles, etc. Just trying to get a plan set in to the jurisdiction to get the addition built. Any consequences of continuing by just rotating the plan view or should I re-draw with everything heading true North on my screen?
  2. Thanks, again Eric and Kat. I'm starting to produce a "final" set. Basically pulling up new file and re-drawing everything hoping that I've learned how to fix all thebugs in my first go-around. Not at this triangle/wedge yet but hopefully what you've suggested can work.
  3. Yup. 60's rambler. Exterior top plate height is 7'0" I believe. Lots of unconventional construction for this home. . . unconventional for the software defaults but typical construction for mid-century construction here in the Northwest.
  4. Thank you, Kat! I've started to play with that and it's not quite behaving as I'd hoped but I'll keep at it. Thank you again.
  5. The single story section is the existing home. The 2-story structure is our proposed addition. Note how we're proposing to tie the shed/gable roof over the existing home in to the side of the 2-story addition. Kind of whacky but the best we've figured so far! The red triangle indicates the problem spot. In order for me to get this to show in elevation, I had to construct an exterior wall through the middle of an existing room. This is really a non-load bearing triangle section of exterior wall. I know and hope there's a better way! Any ideas? 8.15.16-Randy.plan
  6. I'm aware I can place different siding types of walls using the Break Wall tool and/or using the pony wall method. Neither of those methods will allow me to place siding in the right spots on this elevation. Any ideas how to get different siding as indicated in the picture? 8.15.16-Randy.plan
  7. Thank you, Eric! That worked. BTW, I'm originally from Prescott. . . never heard of Overgaard. One of those new communites in the past 30 years like Anthem?
  8. Heads up! This is my "trial and error" plan set and still a work in progress. I know there are multiple errors and for sure something is preventing me from doing what I'd like. I'd like to get the floating black shed roof to drop down over the front door and connect with the white shed roof at the upper ridge of the first floor--follow the arrows. I've been scanning this site for hours over the past few years so thank you to all the helpers already as I've learned much! And thank you for helping me get this roof right. Kind of unique and whacky but it wouldn't be fun otherwise!
  9. I followed the link to solver's thread and saw the YouTube video by David Potter. Looks like the only way to do it is to manually draw two walls. Thanks for the responses.
  10. Using HD Pro 2012. I can create a double stud exterior wall and create a plan just fine; two 2x4 walls with 1" space between. I then add a conventional 2x6 stud wall for the attached garage. The corners of the two dissimiliar walls don't wan't to line up. Also, the interior dimensions dimension to the "Main Layer" which is the outermost 2 x4 wall which does not create accurate interior measurements. Any ideas how to get everything to line up?