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  1. I have accepted the fact that I can only have one layout page at a time and that to produce a complete drawing set will require several layout view. I noticed though that in one of the standard title blocks that I have selected for use that the page number on the sheet has the following code: A-%page% When the sheet displays the number shown is "A-1". This suggests to me that there should be a place where I can set the page number for that layout file so that the title block will have the number I want. Of course I could edit the page number directly but It seems like it would be nice to be able to edit the "page" variable. Is there a way to do that or is the %page% coding something that really belongs to a different verison of the tool?
  2. This was what I was after - at least up to a point. I was able to duplicate your suggested approach using soffits and slabs. I can get the 3D view to look fine as long as I pick the same material types for the soffits and slabs. The floor plan view though shows both the outer wall and the inner soffit/slab parts. How would I get the wall to look like a single material? I have played around with changing fill colors even making lines white with zero thickness and it looks like I can get something to work with enough effort. It is not easy to move windows though once I have set up all of soffits and slabs for a given window scenario.
  3. I am working on a straw bale design that will obviously have thick walls. I found information in the knowledge base about how to adjust the placement of a window within the depth of the wall but I was not able to find out anything about how I might make the window well flair out on either the inside or outside depending on where the window is placed. For example if I put the window near the outside surface of a wall that is 21" thick I would like to have the sides of the window well wider at the inside surface of the wall. Is there a way to do this? I might also want to do it for a door in a thick wall.
  4. That is a pretty tedious process but at least it is possible...
  5. I would like to have a barrel roof over my front porch. I know how to make other types of roof shapes but I do not see anything in the roof making menus that would allow making a curved roof. Is there a way to do this?
  6. I use the mouse and control key a lot too. The arrow keys are useful for "nudging" things. You can set the amount of distance that a nudge moves an object. I usually have mine set to 1". I find that helps. Anyway I have been doing other things besides interacting with this so not much time lost overall. I did find out some things of interest too even though the behavior was not what I expected.
  7. We are having some trouble communicating here... I am not talking about using the arrow keys to move the scroll bars. Rather I am talking about selecting an item and moving it with the arrow keys. Try doing that after rotating the plan.
  8. Did you rotate using the Tools - Rotate Plan View menu command or did you select and rotate? The small sample building I drew still had the problem. I wonder if there is perhaps some issue associated with how a keyboard interacts with the objects but I can understand why things might be different if the Cartesian coordinate system also rotates. I did try selecting everything using the Edit Area command and rotating things that way. I am happy enough with that behavior for what I need.
  9. Where do I go to change the default bounding box for room labels? Also doesn't it seem wrong that when you select not to rotate the text with the plan that the text should change in any way? Rotating 180 degrees is not the same as mirroring a design - so no I did not try that instead of mirroring.
  10. I have attached 4 JPG snapshots of what I see. The snapshots are the following: test_before.jpg <-- condition before doing anything. test_mirror.jpg <-- this shows how the vertically oriented text mirrors about the y-axis and is therefore not readable from the right side as before. This behavior is not impacted by the room label text settings you suggested. test_rotate.jpg <-- this is what the text looks like after plan rotate without changing the room label text settings. The rotate with plan boxes are checked. test_rotate_not_text.jpg <-- this shows what happens to the text when I uncheck the two room label related boxes. This shows how the text gets jumbled up.
  11. I did read up on the Rotate Plan View command. I see that the issue is that the Cartesian coordinates for the drawing also rotate which probably explains why the behavior of my arrow keys change. I am still not sure that this kind of behavior makes sense though. What is the Rotate Plan View command for if not to allow the designer to change the orientation of the plan in the drawing area?
  12. As a matter of fact I did try making a new drawing with a small structure to see if the fact that my other drawing having started in an older version made any difference. When I use the rotate plan I still get the same odd behavior.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion but couldn't this be dangerous if I accidentally did not select something in my design? For example if I had some aspect of the design turned off for viewing might it not get selected and therefor not rotate? Also as matter of principle the menu command that I used should work correctly and it does not.
  14. I tried what you suggested and got results that were not what I was looking for and in fact were not good ones. The rotated text still mirrors as before when I use the Tools - Reverse Plan command from the menu. What is worse when I use the Tools - Rotate Plan to 90 degrees the room text ends up jumbled on top of each other. The text is still un rotated but the room name, dimensions and area are not right on top of each other.
  15. OK - I have updated my signature so that the version information will now show up. Here is what I added: Home Designer Pro 2015 Build: 16.4.20x64 September 8, 2014 Product Key: G35HW As you can see I am pretty up to date and I do have the Pro version. It is true that the drawing I am working on was started with an older version though. I tried the Tools - Rotate Plan View menu command again rotating by 90 degrees and I get the wrong behavior that I described.