Empty Wall below Gable Roof

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Hi all, 


Finally in the correct room.


I've bought home designer architectural 2019. And i'm so excited to learn it. However i've met difficulties to adjust my exteriror wall align with gable roof, the result it has empty wall or gap. i had tried to browse to find solution in youtube and others videos but with no result. Please advise where's my mistake (missing steps) or what is the solution for this. Appreciate whether any comment or solution on this.



Front Side.png

Left Side.png

Rear Side.png

Right Side.png

Desain Rumah KHI_1.plan

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Try going to EDIT -> Default Settings -> Walls -> General Walls and make sure "Auto Rebuild Attic walls" box is checked.


Worked for me.  Try that.


Will your house have a foundation?

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Hi DIG5050,


Solved, it works !! I didn't notice the menu "attic wall" was in the default setting.  


Thanks, appreciate it :)



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The template you are using, thinks the 1st floor is the foundation, that's why the unfinished room roof sits on the terrain.


Use another template, go to edit>default settings, set the ceiling heights, set the foundation to either slab or walls with footings.

If adding a basement, then use the walls with footings and set the ceiling heights to what you want, set the overhangs to what you

want, set windows, doors, walls etc: to what you want.


Now build the 1st floor and create the rooms and name what they will be, if not sure leave it at unspecified.

For the exterior don't use soffits to create a roof, use room dividers or make the walls invisible.

After everything is completed the way you want, turn off auto rebuild for the roof and foundation and delete the room dividers or invisible



You should have something like this.




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