Problem with creating a safety railing on exterior wall


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There are sliding doors and floor to ceiling fixed glass windows in the wall  and I want to have the railing across the width of the opening.  I have managed to do this on the plan by using invisible walls along the shape of the railing and unchecking "floor under this room" but when I view in 3D it shows the floor.  You will see that the short ends of the invisible walls have butted up against the railing but the long section is a short distance away.  If I try and move the long section closer to the railing it deletes the railing completely.  Any suggestions?



railing plan.jpg

railing 3D.jpg

Barry plan.plan

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Thanks Eric.  That worked but in doing so another problem was created. :wacko:


The programme decided to change the colour of the brickwork on the exterior wall for the full length of the window.  I also discovered that the ability to uncheck "Use exterior casing" has been greyed out so it can't be changed.  On checking the other door types default settings I found that this was the same for the interior and exterior doors, the doorway, the interior sliding door and the bi-fold door.  The facility is still available for the exterior sliding door, the pocket door and the garage door. 


Since starting this plan after my gap of two years I have noticed that the programme is behaving very oddly at times.  There have been no updates since I last used it as far as I can see and I'm wondering whether reinstalling will sort it out.  The problem with doing that is that I will have used up my reinstall allocation so if anything goes awry in the future I'll be stuffed.  Given that I hardly use it these days it's not worth the cost of getting the latest version.


While I'm here I like to take the opportunity of wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year and thank you for all the help you have given me over the years.

Bloody casing!.jpg

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