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I'm working on a plan and trying to get the wall coverings in the gables to be most of the way up the gable similar to this sample picture I've attached. After adding a wall covering in the gable, it won't display. I've never had this problem before (also never tried to do a look like this) so I'm sure I have a setting wrong somewhere. 


While I'm creating a thread, I've also struggled with the overhang/roof return that runs along the left side of the porch. I'm getting much more comfortable with manual roof tools, but modeling this part is a bit over my head at this point. It's just sloppy the way I have it right now but any help on how to create this look would be much appreciated. 






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I've modeled that same plan -- don't remember why or when.


You will probably need some manual roof work to get it correct.


I opened your plan in Pro 2016, where the wall covering did not show up, and in the latest Chief Architect Premier, where it did.


Suggest you use a Pony Wall, or Custom Backsplash, instead of the Wall Covering.

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