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I will be working with a Wood mode Kitchen designer and have a couple of questions regarding the Chief Architect's Wood-mode catalog of cabinet objects:

1. Will it work with Home Designer Pro 2018?

2. Is the catalog up to date with Wood Mode's current offerings?

3. Does Wood-mode support Chief Architect in terms of making the latest available to them?

4. It looks like I need to purchase an SSA contract with Chief Architect to get the download, right?  I'm happy to do this if the catalog has an up-to-date library of objects that "behave."  ;-)


Thanks for any feedback. 


Denise Britti


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Thanks for your reply.  I will probably upgrade to CA Interiors then.  Apart from that, are these vendor catalogs kept up to date and have good objects?  I'd hate to pay for the upgrade and then download a catalog that's out-dated and have objects that don't take different material changes well.




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