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  1. dbritti

    Luxury Home Theater

    Luxury Home Theater created in CA.
  2. Hello forum! Does anyone know how to create (or get) a wall cabinet with an off-set arched top like the one below? Home Designer Pro 2018 MacBook Pro Thank you for any help! Denise Britti
  3. Thanks for your reply. I will probably upgrade to CA Interiors then. Apart from that, are these vendor catalogs kept up to date and have good objects? I'd hate to pay for the upgrade and then download a catalog that's out-dated and have objects that don't take different material changes well. Denise
  4. Hello! USING: Home Designer Pro 2018 Macbook Pro 2017 High Sierra I will be working with a Wood mode Kitchen designer and have a couple of questions regarding the Chief Architect's Wood-mode catalog of cabinet objects: 1. Will it work with Home Designer Pro 2018? 2. Is the catalog up to date with Wood Mode's current offerings? 3. Does Wood-mode support Chief Architect in terms of making the latest available to them? 4. It looks like I need to purchase an SSA contract with Chief Architect to get the download, right? I'm happy to do this if the catalog has an up-to-date library of objects that "behave." ;-) Thanks for any feedback. Denise Britti
  5. I'm looking in the default setting and there is no option to uncheck an auto blind corner in Home Designer Pro.
  6. I'm trying to create open corner shelves like in the attached picture. A corner tall cabinet with doors removed and with the "diagonal" option unchecked almost gets me there, but it leaves center stiles (or vertical frame pieces) in the front where the two sides join in the middle. Any way to get rid of those? Thank you! Denise Using MacBook Pro, High Sierra Home Designer Pro 2018
  7. dbritti

    Dormer depth

    Thank you both so much! I really appreciate all the help on this forum by the expert problem solvers!
  8. dbritti

    Dormer depth

    I am replicating an existing room which has this dormer alcove. I need the "ceiling' of the dormer space to be level with the main ceiling in the room. In other words, I'd like to control the depth/height of the alcove so it lines up with the outer wall and its ceiling flows seamlessly into the room. I only seem to be able to specify the width of the alcove. THank you for any help! Denise Britti Home Designer Pro 2018 Macbook Pro
  9. THank you forum for all the help and discussions! I have a question about creating a camera walkthrough path from a first floor room that opens out under a set of stairs (picture attached). In record mode, as soon as the camera hits the stairs (which is attached at the 2nd floor level), it jumps through the framing to position itself at the top of the set of stairs before immediately continuing along its path. I want the camera to stay on the ground floor and record a path behind the stairs into the first floor room. Any trick to doing that? (By the way, all numbered camera frames show as 1st floor. You can see that I was trying to get the camera path as far away from the stairs as possible but that doesn't help) Denise Britti Home Designer Pro 2018 on Macbook Pro
  10. THank you so much! This is really helpful!
  11. THanks for all the help. I have watched videos for hours on roofs. I seem to be stuck. I'm adding a "side" building to this barn that should have a sloped Shed roof but I can't get the walls and roof to cooperate. The gable walls of the addition want to follow the pitch of the gambrel roof plane that they are tucked under. See image to see that the side addition is autogenerating an attic wall that can't seem to be changed. Oddly, I can manually pull the pitchline of one gable wall of the addition into the slope I want, but the other side won't stay. It always reverts to the pitch shown. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Home Designer Pro 2018 Denise Britti
  12. Thank you so much! I have been fighting this for hours and made it work!
  13. Hello, I need some advice on how to specify the height of the gambrel roof. It needs to be 24'H at the peak but I have 2 floors as you can see in the picture. I don't need full height walls in the loft area. I've tried to reduce the wall height of the 2nd floor (loft and "open below" area) to something like 36" H thinking it would drop the overall roof height, but all it does is add more height to an "attic" wall. Can anyone help? THank you! I'm using home designer pro 2018 on a Mac book Pro. Denise Britti
  14. Well, I solved my problem. It was indeed -45 degrees in the tilt angle field. Using Home Designer Pro 2018.