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Hi- I'm a newbie on Home Designer Suite 2019 on a Mac. I have been trying to find some cool furniture to import like James leather chair, or nice sectionals - we're building a condo and want to preview it :) I've seen comments on some issues on 3DWarehouse, and I certainly have experienced objects not importing properly - mostly missing textures, colors. Comments have been around the 'free' aspect. 


So, long winded, sorry, the question is what are some good furniture/interiors sites that have good quality objects? don't mind paying if is good. I have looked at the HomeDesigner catalogs already.



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I think no one has chimed in because you already know about the main sources of symbols we all use: Home Designer website and 3D Warehouse.


You might communicate with these persons who make symbols for Chief Premier users for sale:










There are others that can be found on the web via searchs



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