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    Set backdrop for recording camera

    Hi - using Home Designer Suite 2019 on a Mac. is it possible to change the backdrop of a camera when doing a recording following a path? As soon as I click on record, a new camera opens. I don't see a way to change the default camera backdrop unless I'm missing it. thanks for your support! Ed
  2. KiteboardEd

    looking for good furniture skp

    Thank you David! Very helpful. Ed
  3. KiteboardEd

    Forum Question

    Hi Eric, just wanted to let you know that the right click, open in new tab, works great now that I'm used to doing that. thanks again for the tip. Ed
  4. KiteboardEd

    looking for good furniture skp

    Hi- I'm a newbie on Home Designer Suite 2019 on a Mac. I have been trying to find some cool furniture to import like James leather chair, or nice sectionals - we're building a condo and want to preview it I've seen comments on some issues on 3DWarehouse, and I certainly have experienced objects not importing properly - mostly missing textures, colors. Comments have been around the 'free' aspect. So, long winded, sorry, the question is what are some good furniture/interiors sites that have good quality objects? don't mind paying if is good. I have looked at the HomeDesigner catalogs already. thanks Ed
  5. KiteboardEd

    Forum Question

    Thanks Eric, I thought there would have been an easier way to do this in the forum. I'm on HD Suite 2019 (Home Designer Suite 2019 - Mac).
  6. KiteboardEd

    Forum Question

    Hi - just started with HD Suite. checking out the forum to get more knowledgeable. Question, if I click on a topic to see the responses, how do i go back to where I was on the topic list. If I click on Q&A or click the back arrow it takes me to the beginning of the topics, and I might have been filtering and down multiple pages. I'm on a Mac and using Chrome - latest versions for both. thanks Ed