ends of interior wall; drywall layer disappears?


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 I have an issue with a .plan I am working on in Home Designer Architectural 2019. Somehow I changed settings when I made my own defaults for a "my plan" template.


 If I start a plan with the factory defaults the ends of the walls have a drywall layer. If I start a plan with my own template and the custom defaults my interior walls do not have drywall end caps.


 I have attached an illustration comparing the two circumstances.


 I have also uploaded a .plan based on my custom defaults, as well as a screen shot of that plan layout.


 I have attempted to figure out what I did but have not been able to figure out a fix.


In the Home Designer Architectural 2019 .plan file which has been uploaded, it can be seen that the custom Interior-4 wall differs from the factory default Interior-4 wall.


The custom default Interior-4 wall has an additional 0" think layer of "White" color applied over both surfaces. Some how, this causes the drywall on the end of the wall to disappear, while the 1/2" thick drywall sheeting remains on the sides, which is shown in the "Interior Walls" illustration posted above.



interior wall ends.plan



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Solver said:


"The program wraps the outermost layer, which in your case is 0" thick, so nothing shows.


If you want that extra layer, make it 1/128" thick. The program will show it as 0", but internally, it has a thickness.


Experiment a bit and you will see how it works."



Thank you. I changed the 0" to 1/16" and the paint wraps around. The drywall layer is missing at the end of the walls in the plan view but the 3d renders look good.

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I sometimes just set the interior wall's  "Main Layer" to "Drywall" or a color to handle this anomaly, in Chief I often use a custom 3D object to cover anomalous instances as well but that is not an option for Home Designer users. A thin, reshaped soffit sometimes works to cover such blemishes also in HD programs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          DJP

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Hi David,

 I have done that as well but had imagined it might mess up the "Materials List" count. Last night I did what you have suggested with my Home Designer Architectural 2019 install, and did a "Materials List" count and saw that the drywall remained accounted for regardless of a reassignment of the the default Drywall material to a 1/2" thick Generic Color "White". I guess my concerns were unfounded.


 I do not know how seriously the materials list in Home Designer is taken by professional job estimators but I did not want to undermine its effectiveness. In any event the program seems to know that interior walls have the drywall regardless of what the "material" is described as in the wall definition.


 I am slowly learning and hope to learn how to make best use of Home Designer. I have pen and ink engineering drafting experience from long ago, and more recent 3d animation for entertainment experience. I am trying to fully understand the concept of a "material" and "texture" in the context of Home Designer Architectural 2019. For example; "Material" seems to mean two things in Home Designer.


 Thank you.

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I rarely use the Materials List and so that is not an important consideration to me. When I first started using Chief Architect back in 1994 my then boss asked me to thoroughly investigate the material list feature to see how it might help our remodeling business. What I found is that the materials list only measures how competent you are with the software. In other words, if you make a PERFECT 3D model the result will be a useable materials list. When I say "Perfect" I mean exactly that which is beyond the abilities of most users, especially new ones. I do use Chief to do take offs but NOT the Materials List per se. It is great for quick calculations of space and volumes but I do the take off the old fashioned way using the raw data from Chief and a calculator, modified by my knowledge of actual building methods and procedures. This, I found to be quite useful and this is also the method professional take off professionals use: Chief for the Raw data and then input into a dedicated software program designed for doing take-off calculations.                      That said there are those who use the integral Materials List tool for take-offs but they are meticulous with their materials settings and procedures as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 DJP

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