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  1. I guess I should assume that assigning door characteristics is only possible in Chief Architect. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2020 on a Win 7 x64 laptop.
  2. I watched a helpful video showing how to import door cabinet models and create 3D Library Symbols with Chief Architect. I am asking if Home Designer Architectural 2020 has the ability to do the same thing. I am using Home Designer Architectural 2020 on a Win 7 x64 laptop.
  3. Hi, I modeled a custom cabinet door in Sketchup and used it to create a new 3d Symbol in my Home Designer Architectural 2020 Library User Catalog, but I do not see any way to associate my new cabinet door with "door like" attributes. Is the ability to make a cabinet door act like a cabinet door, with scaling, orientation etc. exclusive to the Chief Architect level software? I am using Home Designer Architectural 2020 on a Win 7 x64 laptop. Thank you.
  4. Hi Jo_Ann, Thank you for the suggestion. As it happens, the floor seemed to heal itself after I took a break by closing the project, and then reopening the file again. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hi, I used a half wall to wrap an island of cabinets. I modeled the island to scale in an empty area of the floor, but did not place it in the correct location until I was done. When I selected all the elements and dragged them to the proper position, a gap in the floors appeared where I had originally placed the half walls. The red circle on the accompanying screen shot shows the problem. kitchen Is there any way to fix the floors? Thank you. Home Designer Architectural 2019 Build 
  6. Hi Jo_Ann Thank you very much for the help. I followed your instructions and was able to acheive the goal. Thank you!!!
  7. Hi Jo_Ann, Thank you for the suggestions. When you say "individual soffits" would that be a built in feature in the program or just generic box shapes that I assign similar materials too? Thank you!
  8. Hi, I am looking for suggestions on how to model the feature shown in the accompanying photo in an existing house. I am afraid to call it an alcove, but that is what I think it is. I do not need to replicate the arch but would like to replicate the dividers. Thank you. Home Designer Architectural 2019 Build 
  9. Hi, Is there a way to temporarily turn off room selection? When I am zoomed in and using some of the tools the cursor changes to selection mode immediately after using the tool, and then I mistakenly select the room and the whole floor becomes selected.. Then I am stuck and seem to have to zoom out to clear the selection so that I may zoom back in an continue the work. I thought I knew how to turn off room selection, but now I can't remember if or how. Can I turn it off? Thank you. Home Designer Architectural 2019 Build
  10. I have now drawn exterior walls in the level 1 of the project. They seemed to snap to the foundation, and the 3D views showed that the exterior walls replaced the extra foundation style walls. Doing this caused numerous small changes in the dimensions, but I was able to go in and coax the desired dimensions back to the desired layout. Thank you for the suggestions David.
  11. Thank you for the suggestions. The thing is, I never actually drew any first floor walls. I specifically drew foundation walls while copying from an old foundation blueprint of a foundation. In other words either the first floor "walls" that look like a second foundation, or the actual foundation walls, just appeared. I drew everything in plan view, thinking I was working on a foundation plan, and did not notice this until I was finished with the foundation. I just tested with a new project, and see that I did not have a choice to begin drawing the foundation on the 0 level, so I guess what I did was draw a foundation wall on the first level and then HD auto populated the actual foundation below the wall I was drawing. So, what I am calling the foundation is not what I drew, but is what I wanted. I guess I should have started with an exterior wall, but this project is focused on the foundation design so I started there.
  12. Hi, What did I do wrong? I made a foundation plan but now on level 1 there are walls that also show as foundation walls. If I delete the walls on level 1 the foundation on level 0 disappears. I tried manually opening each wall object on level 1 and unchecking the footer and also selecting Siding-6 so the walls look like exterior walls, but Home Designer still calls the foundation walls rather than exterior walls. When I started my layout I did not select a level, but I did select a foundation wall rather than a exterior wall. Where did I go wrong? Can I fix this? Thank you. Home Designer Architectural 2019 Build
  13. Hi David, I have done that as well but had imagined it might mess up the "Materials List" count. Last night I did what you have suggested with my Home Designer Architectural 2019 install, and did a "Materials List" count and saw that the drywall remained accounted for regardless of a reassignment of the the default Drywall material to a 1/2" thick Generic Color "White". I guess my concerns were unfounded. I do not know how seriously the materials list in Home Designer is taken by professional job estimators but I did not want to undermine its effectiveness. In any event the program seems to know that interior walls have the drywall regardless of what the "material" is described as in the wall definition. I am slowly learning and hope to learn how to make best use of Home Designer. I have pen and ink engineering drafting experience from long ago, and more recent 3d animation for entertainment experience. I am trying to fully understand the concept of a "material" and "texture" in the context of Home Designer Architectural 2019. For example; "Material" seems to mean two things in Home Designer. Thank you.
  14. I reverted my custom default to use the 1/2" drywall layer as the outer layer, and have decided to use the Object Painter Modes to paint a "default" color globally. Thank you.