Trouble Replicating Terrain Dimensions From Site Plan


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I am a novice at this...

I'm trying to replicate the lot dimensions of Lot 2 at the bottom of the survey using CAD lines by way of this great tutorial, Drawing a Plot Plan.

I attached the site plan and the overall Survey. When I input the Length and angle info it throws the line off. I feel like maybe the starting point is off as I go around the lot. I did it correctly for a different site plan. Will someone please look at the site plan and see if it's doable? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you

SItePlan and Plat.pdf

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Where there is a curved property line, I usually scan, import and scale a portion of the PDF which shows ONLY my target site plan and use that to manually finish up the site plan. Is this doable? Yes, I do such plans all the time as a matter of course. It is more work, of course, but that just comes with the turf.




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