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  1. bump... Anyone able to shed some light on my problem? Thanks
  2. I am a novice at this... I'm trying to replicate the lot dimensions of Lot 2 at the bottom of the survey using CAD lines by way of this great tutorial, Drawing a Plot Plan. I attached the site plan and the overall Survey. When I input the Length and angle info it throws the line off. I feel like maybe the starting point is off as I go around the lot. I did it correctly for a different site plan. Will someone please look at the site plan and see if it's doable? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thank you SItePlan and Plat.pdf
  3. Genius solver. I've been looking for something like this. thanks
  4. RastusW

    Coffered Ceiling?

    I did a search in the forum not the knowledge base. Thank you for your replies. I'll look at the link.
  5. RastusW

    Coffered Ceiling?

    Anyone know of tutorials that show how I can build a coffered ceiling on the first floor ceiling? I'm using Home Designer Suite 2017. Thanks