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sorry when I ask here more or less the same once again but it is really urgent:

How can I make a construction drawing parallel to the default (I think default is the floor plan). 

I can create the floor plan of my deck. OK. But below the floor are e.g. posts and concrete footer. When I go one floor deeper the whole deck disappears including post and footer.

How can I make a construction drawing parallel to the default ???




I found a video tutorial: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/videos/watch/342/placing-deck-posts-and-footings-on-a-module-over-a-terrain.html?playlist=94

and in 1:38 minutes they switch from floor 1 to floor 0 and as you can see in the attached image the post, footer, beams are visible 

Does it work only in Chief Architect. Is this a limitation of Home Designer Pro 2019 (Trail)???

What do I do wrong?? 


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Thank you very much also for your time. Good to have you in this forum!!


Please, how could I give this deck Auto Dimensions? 

When I click in a room I get the option e.g. Auto Interior Dimension. 

When I'm in 1st floor I can also click in the deck area and get the option: Auto Interior Dimension.

But when I move to floor 0 then I can't activate the deck area and so I don't have the option Auto Interior Dimension.

How can I give it automatic dimensions?


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