Pole Barn Gable Issues


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Not sure if I'm posting correctly but here goes.


I'm designing a Pole Barn and as soon as I remove the gables from the trusses I get what appears to be siding or something blocking the top of the wall.


Been trying figure out what is causing it as I know it is something simple and just because I'm a NOOB... Pic attached.


Anyone have any idea how to get it fixed?BeforeAndAfter.thumb.png.4b0b40a7a56817f09571b8e8d87bdfc6.png

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Sure thing, thanks solver.


I went to Edit, Default Settings, Roof and under the Specifications change pitch to 4" for a 4\12 pitch and then to the next line Roof Overhang Eave and Gable to 1/4". Selected Ok. Then built walls using the Straight Railing. After I changed to the following settings using the Pole Barn Guide on Chief Architect Web site. Under General I changed the Thickness to 7 1/4" and unchecked No Locate box. Then under Rail Style, Specify Railing selected Open, Newels/Posts selected Post to Beam, Top/Bottom Rail unchecked Include Bottom Rail. Then under Newels/Balusters, Railing, Height to 192" for a 16 wall, Newels/Posts, Width to 7 1/4" and then selected Ok.


I then created a 32' x 48' building and using the select tool I selected the building and right clicked for Open Object, under General I selected Slab for Room Type and gave it a name of Pole Barn. Under Structure, Relative Heights I set to (E) to 192" and let everything else go to auto defaults and selected Ok.


Once the walls were built I then select the side walls and adjust the Hip Roof to a Full Gable. Then I select the Roof Truss from the drop down and when drawing my first truss I get the message that (The "Framing, Roof Trusses" is not displayed. Do you want to turn on the display of this layer in the current view?) I select Yes. I notice that the truss is drawing the right length on my framed walls. Hoiwever I had not looked before getting finished but the roof is already showing the issue with only 1 truss or even no trusses as I deleted it to check. So my issue is upon removing the gabling from the roof of 18" in the default settings to 1/4" causes the issue as I have a matching drawing with the Gables left at 18" that is not affected. Am I not doing it correctly? It appears to be some sort of siding being drawn roughly about a 1' wide.


Hopefully have have put enough info for you to see what I'm doing?


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You are using the term Gable incorrectly. What you are talking about is roof overhang, and 1/4" is too small. Just make it bigger until the unwanted walls go away.


You could also change the problem walls to invisible, but the program works better with a larger overhang.


A gable is the triangle shaped wall -- what's shown as wood in your image above.



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