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    Roof Purlins for a Pole Barn Structure

    Thanks Jo Ann, really need it for 2d but will keep this in mind for later is needed.
  2. HandyRan

    Roof Purlins for a Pole Barn Structure

    Hello team, I recently upgraded to Home Designer Pro 2019. That being said I'm I process of designing a Pole Barn structure for a customer and I need to add Purlins to the trusses for roof structure as required by local building code. Because Pole Barns can have a 4' span on Truss installs you are typically required to add a horizontal 2 x 4 called a Purlin. I've attached a picture of the local requirements and also my Cross Section where I need to add them. I've tried adjusting roof blocking and roof beam but don't seem to be able to make one of those work. I will admit I'm a new user, but it would seem that one of these two should be able to make work.
  3. HandyRan

    Pole Barn Gable Issues

    Eric, Sorry for the incorrect naming, but thankful that you figured it out! I change it to 3/4" and looks great! Thanks again! Ran
  4. HandyRan

    Pole Barn Gable Issues

    Sure thing, thanks solver. I went to Edit, Default Settings, Roof and under the Specifications change pitch to 4" for a 4\12 pitch and then to the next line Roof Overhang Eave and Gable to 1/4". Selected Ok. Then built walls using the Straight Railing. After I changed to the following settings using the Pole Barn Guide on Chief Architect Web site. Under General I changed the Thickness to 7 1/4" and unchecked No Locate box. Then under Rail Style, Specify Railing selected Open, Newels/Posts selected Post to Beam, Top/Bottom Rail unchecked Include Bottom Rail. Then under Newels/Balusters, Railing, Height to 192" for a 16 wall, Newels/Posts, Width to 7 1/4" and then selected Ok. I then created a 32' x 48' building and using the select tool I selected the building and right clicked for Open Object, under General I selected Slab for Room Type and gave it a name of Pole Barn. Under Structure, Relative Heights I set to (E) to 192" and let everything else go to auto defaults and selected Ok. Once the walls were built I then select the side walls and adjust the Hip Roof to a Full Gable. Then I select the Roof Truss from the drop down and when drawing my first truss I get the message that (The "Framing, Roof Trusses" is not displayed. Do you want to turn on the display of this layer in the current view?) I select Yes. I notice that the truss is drawing the right length on my framed walls. Hoiwever I had not looked before getting finished but the roof is already showing the issue with only 1 truss or even no trusses as I deleted it to check. So my issue is upon removing the gabling from the roof of 18" in the default settings to 1/4" causes the issue as I have a matching drawing with the Gables left at 18" that is not affected. Am I not doing it correctly? It appears to be some sort of siding being drawn roughly about a 1' wide. Hopefully have have put enough info for you to see what I'm doing? Ran
  5. HandyRan

    Pole Barn Gable Issues

    Not sure if I'm posting correctly but here goes. I'm designing a Pole Barn and as soon as I remove the gables from the trusses I get what appears to be siding or something blocking the top of the wall. Been trying figure out what is causing it as I know it is something simple and just because I'm a NOOB... Pic attached. Anyone have any idea how to get it fixed?