Trouble printing a model with HD Pro 2014

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I have tried printing a model of a complete house plan designed using HD Pro 2014 and have run into difficulties. Sometimes walls or roof planes are missing, especially dormers. Sometimes walls are on top of other walls which makes them unusable. Sometimes part of a wall or roof plane appears on one sheet, but the remainder is nowhere else.


I have tried several paper sheet sizes from 8.5 x 11 to 11 x 17 and get different results. Sometimes better, sometimes not.  I have used PDF995 as the printer so I can view  the results with a PDF reader before printing.


Is there a better PDF printer available that is more compatible with HD PRO 2014?


Does the "print model" portion of the program work correctly in HD PRO 2014?


Any help would be appreciated.

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PDF995 has worked for me well for many years however I don't Print Models just plans and layouts ( and I use Pro10) .


Just had a play around in Pro 10 and I needed to reduce the scale to 1/8=1' to fit my basic 40x30 house rectangle on 3 11x17 pages with PDF995

anything larger caused 1/2 the walls to be 1/2 off the page.


sorry not much help , I think this is actually the 1st time I have ever seen a question on this topic but hopefully someone has better insights for you

otherwise I'd say call Support on Monday....think they Skype too now ?



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I have always used "Cute PDF" for years and prefer it but I have never tried to use the print model feature. Usually the best source of help you can access is your Reference Manual for any experienced problems. Thoroughly study the section that addresses the "Print Model" feature to make sure you understand how it is intended to work.



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I use Adobe Acrobat 8, the "primo" PDF generator, and I get very bad results as well. I have a relatively simple ~2500 sq ft home with garage/workshop below - 3 total stories.I have no terrain (I tried using a model with terrain and got bad results, so I removed it thinking that might help. It did not.) I get only 90% of the walls of the 1st (main) floor, 3 small walls of the 2nd, and nothing of the foundation. I don't get all the roof pieces as well. I wonder what Support says about it. :(

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DIG5050, I too have the same software, and I also have had trouble with Print Model. SO, I tried something very simple. A basic 2 room house, 1 floor, with gable roof.

The Print Model for this worked flawlessly.

Therefore I must conclude that the trouble I am experiencing (and probably you were) is due to errors in the drawing. I ran Plan Check and it turned up 24 problems on the first floor and 13 on the second. 32 of these were not what I consider drawing errors. For example, one was because the software expected a room named bathroom to have a window or else exhaust fan, and I had not added the electrical yet.


The other 5 errors were strange indeed. 2 "invisible" walls to outline a gable wall above a porch on first floor supposedly had layers reversed. But reversing them did not make errors go away.


So, run a plan check and see if correcting any problems will help with the Print Model


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