How to convert perimeter foundation to slab

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I created a house plan and the default was set to be a perimeter foundation.  I've already set up all the walls and windows and don't want to start over.  So I need to convert the perimeter foundation to a slab.  


The house is an Eichler type house, so everything is built on a slab similar to what is seen in the carport.  There is no step up into the house.  Everything (garage and carport) are at the same level.  390 Hibiscus-1-15-18 Foundation.pdf  It's just built on one gigantic, single-level slab.  I don't want to make each room a "Garage" in order to get that same slab look.  And resizing the stem height doesn't get it to be the same as that garage slab in the image.  


Any tips and advice would be most appreciated!  :-)

390 Hibiscus-1-15-18.plan

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Thank you Solver!  That did the trick.  


In case someone else runs into this same problem, here's what I did:

1. Made copy of file as a backup 

2. Build-Floor-Delete Foundation

3. Build-Floor-Build Foundation (set foundation as Slab)

4. It initially made the garage (or carport) slab slightly higher, so I adjusted this:

   - Double click on the Garage to get the Room Specification window

   - Click on Structure

   - Change Stem Wall (I) to 4" (which is the height of my slab foundation)

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