Video card for Pro 15


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Does anyone know if upgrading from Pro 12 to Pro 15 requires a new video card?


DXF in elevation view will not display properly but looks fine when sent to layout.


A simple elevation is attached; note the strange appearance.


FYI: Tech support can't find anything wrong with the file and thinks the card will work.


Thanks for any help.




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Such matters are subjective and opinion driven. I am a professional computer drafts person and so I have taken to bulding my own computers since 1999. Each PC or Mac is different, especially Windows PC's, so actual performance can vary.


I suppose they advised you to make sure you have the latest software drivers for your card.


Most professional Chief Premier users use NVIDIA based cards (not ATI), I always buy PNY brand video cards (I have had poor performance from anything other than PNY brand NVIDIA cards).


My current card has 2 Gb of internal memory (my old card was similar to yours at 1 Gb VRAM), any PC that uses shared video RAM will suffer from poor performance (like most laptops for instance), you really need a dedicated video card with its own RAM internally.


The latest-greatest video cards are very expensive and are fancy but not necessary (my current card I bought for under $200.00 and it works great). If you can afford better, do so. Generally speaking the more you spend the more performance you get provided the card's architecture fits Home Designer well (that is why I stick with PNY brand cards).



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