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  1. gord_crow

    Sloped Roof Valley

    Thanks!! I will try that
  2. gord_crow

    Sloped Roof Valley

    Hi, Does anyone know how to create a sloped roof valley as in the attachment? HD Pro 16 Thanks Gordon
  3. gord_crow

    Camera problems Home Designer 2016

    Thanks. Either version will work well enough to draw plans on site and redraw into Pro 16 at home.
  4. gord_crow

    Camera problems Home Designer 2016

    Thanks....I don't think my laptop meets the minimum requirements. I am going to use Pro 9 for now..
  5. gord_crow

    Camera problems Home Designer 2016

    Thanks David
  6. gord_crow

    Camera problems Home Designer 2016

    Hello, The camera don't function when HD 2016 is loaded on my laptop. Could someone tell if this laptop meets the minimum requirement for HD 2016? The video card driver is up to date. Thanks for any help. Gord
  7. Hi Andrew, I have used Home Designer Pro series for business use since Pro 8. I have never had a Permit application turned down for using Arch C size. See www.crowhurstdesign.ca for sample drawings. I never change the size at print shop stage as it may make the scale slightly off.
  8. gord_crow

    Curved steps on concrete porch

    Hi, Could anyone direct where to find info on doing curved steps to match curved concrete porch? Thanks Pro 15
  9. gord_crow

    2015 Library Browser

    I have the latest version. I found the solution myself. There are other bugs in Home Pro 2015: I just don't have time to document them.
  10. gord_crow

    2015 Library Browser

    Solved!! I can't explain why it happened but the reset worked
  11. gord_crow

    2015 Library Browser

    I couldn't find anything on that forum. I will call TS AM
  12. gord_crow

    2015 Library Browser

    Thanks. Browser works correctly on my laptop. I transferred a blank plan that was displaying correctly from my laptop to my PC and it won't display correctly. I tried re-installing Pro 2015 and no change. Very strange and extremely annoying when one trying to run a business
  13. gord_crow

    2015 Library Browser

    Hi, Has anyone had their library browser completely disappear (Home Designer Pro 2015) Any help would be appreciated.
  14. gord_crow

    Duplicate pages when printing

    Hi, Take a look at the attachment. Printer layout - Advanced options Change page range to 1. I haven't found where to change the default setting yet.
  15. gord_crow

    Video card for Pro 15

    Thanks, I bought a new NVIDIA card as suggested. The problem is solved but I don't know if that was the solution or that it was corrected by the Pro 15 update.