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  1. I currently live in Dallas and most newer construction here is monolithic (post tension). Most of south Louisiana is the same (high water table). The property for the plan I am working on is in south Mississippi and the stem wall foundation construction is similar in south Alabama and I think in Georgia. Sandy soil, lots of gravel and easy to construct and very stable. I have built large custom homes in KY with poured basement walls so have dealt with several types of foundations. This program just doesn't seem to like the stem wall/poured concrete slab. Thanks for all your an
  2. Thank you for your previous replies - I did finally get the slab to sit flush with top of block. When working with plan view - room specifications the references to stem wall tops (SWT) to ceiling, floor to SWT, Stem Wall do not designate whether it is including the sill plate. I am assuming it does not include the treated sill plate that is bolted into the foundation. I am sure that this is confusing to many of us that are trying to work with typical foundation construction in the South.
  3. Thank you again Eric. One last question - When asked for stem wall top using 3 CMU I assume the height is 24" unless specifically stating "including sill plate". This is not addressed in any of the help discussions, manuals or videos. Probably seems straight forward but not so if you are new to the program.
  4. Thank you for your reply Eric. I have tried everything recommended in videos and help questions - How do I get the slab to sit level with the top of the block? Every configuration I have tried still has the slab sitting on top of the 8" block. Thank you for any help you can provide.
  5. I am unable to get the foundation to replicate on a home that is being remodeled. Typical southern foundation using CMU stem wall with compacted fill and top unit being a Concrete Masonry Header block with slab poured into this. Exterior brick is carried to the footer. Total of 3 block high on main house, garage 2 block high. The sill plate is bolted into bolts set in the header block and concrete. My exterior walls ALL show the slab sitting above the block, not flush with the top of the block. I am at a loss as to why home designer pro does not have an option for this type of stem wall.