Piers Under Deck & remove slab outline

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That particular tool is confined to placing piers only along foundation stem walls-footings and will not place them outside of the confines of such drawn walls. The software is merely stating that fact to you.

Other than that I am not sure what you want to accomplish, I mean it looks like you have piers in place, so what exactly do you want to do that you cannot aparently do please?


This software is full of cryptic "error messages" that are worded in a way that is often hard to understand by end users (they are worded in programmer Geek-Speak mostly). Trying to understand them is often a waste of time and the important issue is "getting your creative work done" as opposed to becomming fluent in "Geek Speak".

Those messages are mainly for the software developers. They are parsed and created by software developers for their own use. In other words such messages are well understood by those persons but were not written with us, specifically in mind.


I rarely read such "Error Messages" having seen them all multiple times and only worry about getting things done, that is my advice to you about such things.



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I am in NO WAYS the xpert that DJP is. What I have done in the past faced a similar need, was to go to the foundation plan, and draw invisible walls in line with where the deck would be, this creates the space within which to place the piers. See if that works for you.

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