How to build round belvedere in HD 2017 Pro


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Hi all,


Short time lurker, first time poster here.  I've searched these forums for help on belvederes, cupolas, and turrets and haven't found anything that helped me yet. (or I just failed to understand them--quite possible)


I'm trying to create a round belvedere/cupola over my first floor and haven't had much luck.  I've tried curved walls to create a round room as "Open Below" in the top floor or the attic and a few other things but all have met with various disasters. Mostly either holes in the roof with no roofing over it, walls popping through the roof at random spots, or just completely upchucking the automatic roof system entirely.


Here's an example of what I mean by a round belvedere (left side of the entry way).  You could also think of it as a turret with windows.



Since my real plan file is a hot piping mess right now here's a super simple rectangular full gable box that illustrates my problem.


Note: I've watched nearly all of Chief's videos on walls and roofs and such but beyond that, I have very little knowledge or experience with this tool. I've been playing with the tinker toys up till now (think paper box "Home Design 3D" software you find in the bargin bin).


Thanks in advance!


Belvedere TEst.plan

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Notice I've drawn an almost complete round -- just a small straight section to fill in the gap. Try searching this forum for some tips on round rooms. I remember this being discussed, but it's been a while.


I'd start by drawing a CAD circle for a guide, then drawing in the walls.


The roof may not build cleanly. In my case, there are a bunch of extra roof planes generated, but they can just be deleted.





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