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  1. crmorse

    Export corner (stake out) locations

    My transit software requires input as Northing/Easting from an origin point. My build site is very hilly so what I'm trying to do is find the location that requires the least excavation. There's no nearby street or ROW to set as an origin so I'm basically working in free space. So that means for every point I'd have to calculate it's distance from some origin on the plan and then calculate that distance from the origin on-site. On top of that, I'm building with ICFs so I know my wall lengths will change slightly to even modulus of ICF block widths. All I was looking for was some easy way to export the coordinates of all the corners and openings for the stake-out. If it's not possible I'll do it the manual way. Just seems antiquated in an otherwise all digital workflow. At least I can change the plan dimensions to feet-tenths to make entry easier. :-)
  2. crmorse

    Export corner (stake out) locations

    Hi, I'm nearing completion on my plans and would like to export the locations of all the corners so that I can go stake-out those locations on the site and verify things fit like I expect. My plan has 20 corners, a circular turret, and a split level foundation so there are a lot more points involved than is practical to transfer manually. Assuming, that I will be making changes in the future I'd like to not have to redo all the manual work to write down the locations. Does anybody know of a way to export the locations from Home Designer Pro 2017? I'm find doing so programming or scripting or data conversion if I can get the data out in any format. Attaching my plans so y'all can verify that I'm already crazy. :-)
  3. Solver: Ha ha. LOL! Now you're living my pain... I tried to talk the wife into an octagonal tower (for my ease) but no dice! DJP: 1000x thanks for taking the time to make that video. Said and showed so much more than a written post could. Wish you could have heard me yelling at the TV as I watched.... "But it DOES show through.. that's the only reason I care!!!" ...."oh, ok, he saw it now. Phew." and finally, that delete surface tool could be just the ticket to get me over the final hump if your other suggestions don't work. That's exactly what I needed. Let me bang at this for a while with my new knowledge and see how far I get. I may upload the full plan if I can't get that pesky streak of missing surface to go away.
  4. Hi, I've been fighting with a curved wall turret for ages now. Following suggestions from other posts I've isolated the problem region to a separate single room file and reproduced the issue. I still don't know how fix the issue, or even what is going on. But the exterior material on a curved exterior wall gets a sawtooth pattern at the top that sometimes protrudes through the roof. Since I need to generate a video walkthrough, this is a cosmetic problem that I have to find a workaround. See "Sharktooth1" attached I've tried changing the materials, changing the wall radius, rebuilding the wall, and everything related to the wall, material, and roof settings that I can find. Nothing seems to help. On my real plan it was much much worse but I was able to select some kind of phantom attic wall in 3D view and delete that which got rid of of the visible protrusions except for one. Any suggestions or help would be most welcome! Thanks. P.S. In my real plan file I even have some weird wall height issues going on that seem related, but maybe not, I need to fix those too but I can start a separate thread or try again . (#2 & 3) P.P.S. There's also some missing exterior material on 1 facet of the turret and the facing side of the belvedere too but those are separate problems. Sharktooth Demo.plan I put this in my profile too but it doesn't appear to be showing up.... I"m using Home Designer Pro 2017 on Mac.
  5. Hi all, Short time lurker, first time poster here. I've searched these forums for help on belvederes, cupolas, and turrets and haven't found anything that helped me yet. (or I just failed to understand them--quite possible) I'm trying to create a round belvedere/cupola over my first floor and haven't had much luck. I've tried curved walls to create a round room as "Open Below" in the top floor or the attic and a few other things but all have met with various disasters. Mostly either holes in the roof with no roofing over it, walls popping through the roof at random spots, or just completely upchucking the automatic roof system entirely. Here's an example of what I mean by a round belvedere (left side of the entry way). You could also think of it as a turret with windows. Since my real plan file is a hot piping mess right now here's a super simple rectangular full gable box that illustrates my problem. Note: I've watched nearly all of Chief's videos on walls and roofs and such but beyond that, I have very little knowledge or experience with this tool. I've been playing with the tinker toys up till now (think paper box "Home Design 3D" software you find in the bargin bin). Thanks in advance! Belvedere TEst.plan