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I have designed a shed, separate from the main house, and would like to move the shed to another position on the site. Instead of building it all from scratch again, is there a way that I can select all components of the shed (e.g. walls, roof, floors, doors etc) and move them all in one step to another location? [HDpro 2014]

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Edit Area can work several ways.


1) Edit>Edit Area (All Floors)


Marquee (click and drag) a rectangle around what you want to select.


2) Draw a CAD Box (closed polyline) around what you want to move, delete etc. This may be then be shaped as needed -- made L shaped, segments changed to a curve, etc.


Select this polyline, then Edit>Edit Area (All Floors).


Edit Area will use your polyline as its selection, and you may modify it further before initiating an action on the selected area.

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