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  1. TonyRichardson's post in Grey Grid Size was marked as the answer   
    Thanks Solver, I never would have found this method buried deep in the menus (I was looking under Preferences). I was able to change the Reference Grid (I didn't know what this was called before) to 900mm square, but now it doesn't line up with my design. I can't find a way to shift the entire plan to line up with the grid, but at least I now know how to do it for future designs.
  2. TonyRichardson's post in Change gutter colour was marked as the answer   
    The option to paint the gutters does not show on the Roof Plane dialog box (where I was looking) but only on the Build Roof dialog box. Thanks for directing me to it.
  3. TonyRichardson's post in Kitchen Sink Orientation was marked as the answer   
    Hi Eric Solver, thanks for your follow-up comment. It worked like a charm (see below).