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  1. That's what I was expecting to see. But it was "hidden" among others items on screen. I can see it now. Doh!
  2. Having moved everything as a selection, is there a way to rotate everything as a block once it is in place?
  3. Thank you Solver; first method works like a charm.
  4. Having chosen Edit>Edit Area>All Floors, what do I then do to select all components of the shed (to move elsewhere)?
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    I have designed a shed, separate from the main house, and would like to move the shed to another position on the site. Instead of building it all from scratch again, is there a way that I can select all components of the shed (e.g. walls, roof, floors, doors etc) and move them all in one step to another location? [HDpro 2014]
  6. Thanks Solver, I never would have found this method buried deep in the menus (I was looking under Preferences). I was able to change the Reference Grid (I didn't know what this was called before) to 900mm square, but now it doesn't line up with my design. I can't find a way to shift the entire plan to line up with the grid, but at least I now know how to do it for future designs.
  7. When using metric dimensions, the underlying grey grid on floorplan views is 1 metre square. Since many houses are designed on multiples of 90cm "bays", is it possible to change the underlying grid to 90cm square to make it easier to line up walls, beams, windows etc.
  8. The option to paint the gutters does not show on the Roof Plane dialog box (where I was looking) but only on the Build Roof dialog box. Thanks for directing me to it.
  9. I am wanting to change the colour of the gutter automatically placed at the bottom of a roof plane, from the default white to green. "Gutter" does not appear in the materials for a roof plane, so is there another way to do this?
  10. Having just been helped on another topic by a Forum member, I thought I should return the favour by offering these comments about how I built shed dormers in my model. I agree with DavidJPotter about generating useful, rather than perfect, results. I needed a shed dormer window in a mezzanine level room. I did this by first replacing the one roof plane above the room by four roof planes (one on each edge of the rectangle created by the dormer area). Opening up the roof in this way created a "hole" into which I built the dormer. I did this by creating a fifth roof plane as the roof of the dormer, at a flatter pitch than the rest of the roof (I used 5 degrees, compared to 30 degrees for the rest of the roof). I then placed a window into the wall under the front of the dormer, and then inserted inverted wedges into the sides to create the dormer walls. The resulting shed dormer is not exactly perfect, but as the photos show it is more than enough to show me whether it will work OK and to show the builders exactly what I want.
  11. Hi Eric Solver, thanks for your follow-up comment. It worked like a charm (see below).
  12. Thanks Eric, I tried your suggestion (don't know how I didn't see the Reverse Appliances option earlier) but it still has a bit of a problem (whether I leave the sink in the cabinet or take it out before doing the switch). As shown in the photos below, when initially installed the two bowls are within the cabinet underneath and the drainboard overhangs the cabinet on the right. When switched, the drainboard and one bowl are within the cabinet and the other bowl intrudes into the cabinet on the right. I would like to keep the bowls within the cabinet and have the drainboard overhang the dishwasher on the left. I tried manually moving just the sink unit but it doesn't seem to be independently movable. Any ideas on how I can achieve what I need?
  13. I am wanting to place a double bowl kitchen sink with drainboard on the left when facing the sink, but it seems that all those in the Library have the drainboard on the right, and I can find no way to change the orientation of the sink and drainboard (like reversing the sides for handles etc on other units). Are there any sinks with drainboards on the left, or any way of changing the orientation?