3D Crash Issue


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Each time I go to get a 3D overview the program is crashing.


I have not had an issue before this, it all worked just fine.


I have updated the driver, {it was working fine when I first started using the program within the past week.}


I have followed the advice in the help section of the various things to turn off in rendering.


The "framing view" worked, the doll house & other looks caused it to crash. 


Computer has anti virus scans every day, I also ran scan disk & fragmented. {It is set to do every day automatically}


Anybody have any other tips? I'm hoping to get it resolved ASAP. 



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Update: I tried a couple other plans and had no issues.


I figured out that it was a dormer causing the issue. When I slid the garage walls back & left the dormer where it had been it just made it crash.


Once I deleted the dormer it worked again. 

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