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Last week I had problems with an island base cabinet.  I finally got lucky on that one and got it the way I wanted it.  Now, I'm having trouble with this computer desk.  All I want to do is put a drawer at the top right, in place of the cutting board, while leaving the cutting board on the left side (cutting board is acting a keyboard drawer).  I actually posted this to the technical support page because I don't understand this program's logic.  I upgraded to 2017 because of issues with appliance cabinet design in 2016, where you couldn't freeze certain openings. I don't think the 2017 works for front designs on desks because I'm having a heck of time and cannot get this done.  If there is a help topic that describes the order of these changes, please let me know where that help topic is.  Also, if there is a video, let me know where it is.  I cannot find anything that addresses the problems I am having.  

I'd really like to learn how to change widths and heights on individual sections as well.


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Yours on the left.


Center one is 2 cabinets that overlap where they join.


Far right is a single cabinet.


From standard cabinet, remove all parts, leaving just the back, sides and top.


Split vertically, and set size of one side.


Add back components, and adjust size.



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