How do you create custom tile in a staggered pattern?


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I have not been able to find a tile material like I am looking for, charcoal wood grain ceramic tile, in any of the available libraries so I decided to create a new material. I have picture loaded and I was able to create the new custom material, however, I can not get the pattern to stagger. (Like wood floors or rectangle tile is installed.) I have selected tile pattern with a 12" horizontal offset, I have selected brick pattern and still when I apply the new material it is straight stacked. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong. Below I have attached 2 images of my attempts to create a staggered pattern and the applied result.

Material Applied.jpg

Offset Brick.jpg

Offset Tile.jpg

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Pattern can't control the Texture.

When you're looking for images to import, you'll need to find one that is staggered.

Try searching Google images for something like "seamless subway tile free" or "running bond seamless free" - Find something close and test it out to see how it looks tiled across a whole wall.

These aren't perfectly seamless but will give you an idea on what you're looking for, I'll try to see if I can find a better one that's got more a wooden look.



These are better.  Blended with dark grey in Home Designer will probably get you closer to what you want.  You can also adjust the Y scale to make them look more brick tile like instead of wooden flooring skinny.

seamlesswoodplanks.jpg seamlesswoodplanks2.jpg BlackWoodTile.jpg 


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