outside basement door


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Check your Library to see if you have a Cellar Door and/or Hatch, if your version has these they'll probably be under Bulkheads in "Exterior Attachments" or in part of this bonus catalog (although it doesn't look like the Essentials version can use it).  It won't be open like this but you can at least change the door part to glass and get the basic look from the outside.


Depending on how realistic you want to model it, you might want to do an Open Below room in the Deck with Room Dividers, or if it was in the terrain follow the article instructions on creating an egress.

KB-00862: Creating a Window Well for an Egress


If your version doesn't have a symbol for it, maybe check on the 3D Warehouse to see if one of these ones will work if Essentials allows you to import.

KB-00888: Importing 3D Symbols






If you can't use the bonus catalog or import in Essentials, maybe try faking the look with some Wedges from the Shapes part of the Library.

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