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    Tip: Best 3D Camera View Renderings

    could explain to do like this also?
  2. kompozicijom

    screen porch

    what are these concrete things under my porch and why cant i get rid of them? i am using essentials current version.
  3. kompozicijom

    screen porch

    no lawb you misunderstand but katalyst already answered question
  4. kompozicijom

    black screen

    https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/ht078706 this helped with switching nvidia or amd ati and intel video graphics
  5. kompozicijom

    screen porch

    thank you again kat is right i do not want to set room to porch because framing and floor would be wrong and deck is the right room.
  6. kompozicijom

    outside basement door

    how would i do this in essentials current version?
  7. kompozicijom

    screen porch

    thanks that it better than trying to cover them with plants!