Portico / Landing to stair railing transition problem


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Hi All,


I have been working through a problem with the transition between a front portico/landing's railing / support columns and the stair railing.


When the front railing wall is set to invisible the portico columns and railing is drawn properly, just on the sides and lines up properly with the landing corners. But when I turn that front wall's invisible flag off and it tries to merge the stair railing with the landing railing and it removes one column and pushes one column partially off the landing. Pictures and project plan attached.


I dug on here to see if anyone else had something similar but wasn't successful.


If you have any ideas, I am all ears. I am guessing either the wall or stair railings auto railing is misconfigured on my part.

Thanks in advance!





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Well, I wanted the railing to be connected from the landing railing to the stair railing without a gap (no gaps in the railing might even be a code requirement).


In the one picture it shows how the left side does this properly but the right side is missing the whole column. Trying to get the right side to look like the left.

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