The case of the mysterious insulation


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Can anyone explain why insulation is showing at the bottom of the central gables and also at the bottom of the far (right) gable and how I might get rid of it?  Just to explain further:  While the far wall is marked as a gable wall in the wall specifications (as is the chimney wall) it doesn't generate automatically like the chimney wall does in a doll house view (see 2nd image) and only appears as an automatically generated attic wall like the central gables when a full overview is selected.


For some reason I am unable to upload the plan.  I just get pop-ups saying that the upload failed.  Has something changed regarding plan uploads since I was last on here at the beginning of the year?



SIPS dollhouse.jpg

No gable on end wall.jpg

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Belated thank you, Jo_Ann.  I've tried using the fill tools but they don't work.  Just another quirk of HD, I suppose.  And now I've gone and paid for the 2017 version even though I've never been entirely happy with the 2016 and the funny things it does that I never experienced before.

Happy New Year to you.

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Hi Keith!

Happy New Year to you also!

I think I found a way to add/remove the ceiling joist display, quickly.

In the default settings, open the floor structure tab.

Edit the ceiling structure to 0.

This should be a quick easy way to avoid seeing that display, and reset it back to normal when your view changes.

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