Roof Troubles


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Hello All,

I have gotten to the point where I need to reach out for guidance!

I am trying to do a gable over a house extension and it will not display correctly. I tried the roof line tool and it seems to do nothing. It had worked when the section was pushed out a little bit, but not any longer since I moved it flush with the front.


This is what it looks like now...
House Exterior Front Roof messed up.jpg


And this is what I had, and what I am trying to do...
House Exterior Front.jpg


Also, If I try the Gable roof in the garage, it connects to the main roof for some reason...

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You can make a copy of your plan and remove unnecessary objects (Not walls, windows or doors, invisible walls or interior walls). You can remove all furniture, fixtures and cabinets so as to lighten the file and have enough of it to address the roof issues you are having.


or you can open a free Dropbox account, upload your file as it to a folder you make in dropbox and then post a link here to that folder, either way will work.



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