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  1. digduggy

    Roof Troubles

    Got it stripped, Thank you! Home Floor Plan - Version 2 stripped.plan
  2. digduggy

    Roof Troubles

    Done, unfortunately the file is too large... I have tried everything in the troubleshooting and such, I MUST be missing something... haha
  3. digduggy

    Roof Troubles

    Hello All, I have gotten to the point where I need to reach out for guidance! I am trying to do a gable over a house extension and it will not display correctly. I tried the roof line tool and it seems to do nothing. It had worked when the section was pushed out a little bit, but not any longer since I moved it flush with the front. This is what it looks like now... And this is what I had, and what I am trying to do... Also, If I try the Gable roof in the garage, it connects to the main roof for some reason...