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Chief Architect Version 6 files can only be opened by Chief Architect Version 6, 7 or 8 (Chief Architect Version 9 and later are not capable of reading or opening such old files, that is why I still maintain a working version of Chief Architect Version 7 for such antique files).


I am not sure what you mean by "Home Designer Version 5", to my knowledge there never was such a version released actually using that name (There was 3D Home Architect that was sold by Broderbund for Chief Architect inc released as version 2 and 3 but that association ended with version 3).


The first Home Designer version actually called "Home Designer" was version 6 and sold directly by Chief Architect Inc (then known as Advanced Relational Technologies or ART).


I am not the last word on such matters but I have been an avid user of their software since Chief Architect Version 4 (I started actually with 3D Home Architect Version 2 in 1994).


Can you be a little more specific as to exactly what you have please?


Starting with Version 10 of Chief Architect they added the ability to that application and each version since then to open and program Home Designer plan and layout files so that they could be opened and edited in Home Designer titles (mainly Home Designer Pro but to a lessor degree all Home Designer titles starting with the "Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer Line" and then all Home Designer versions since that time can be manually marked so that they can be opened and edited in Home Designer titles after being so programmed with in a corresponding Chief Architect Premier version.


Older files require older software applications and hardware to support their opening and editing, Older versions of Home Designer and Chief Architect Premier will not even install or run on or within Windows 7, 8 or even Vista. All my old antique applications I run with in Windows XP x32.



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David, thank you for the background. In 1999 I started with the Broderbund products (separate post) 3D Home Arch... I have been using currently Home Designer Architectural 2015 Build 16.4.1 20x64 on Windows 10 Dell 8700 and I enjoy it. I am doing a rehab on an 1802 New England Cape and learning a lot! Just getting the as is! Well I thought I'd try and "import" or use my 1999 project for my house in Maryland as I wanted to use the HDA2015 external features et al and was really wondering about the history of these file types before I started over. The dimensions are the most important things to me.

I enjoyed your post.

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